Escapology, how to start, and the handcuff trick!

Escapology is the art of escaping different situations. Usually the artists are escaping handcuffs, straight jackets, padlocks, and other difficult holding devices. Escapology is usually performed in front of people for their entertainment. Magicians have a skill set and one of the most important skills is the art of escapology.

So you find yourself locked in a safe, the water is pouring in fast your handcuffs are tight around your wrists and the sharks are circling the tank.  What do you do?

Odds are better than great that you will never find yourself in this situation, but if you do you will be glad to be prepared and  have the required escapology skills. Although you might be more interested in learning to escape handcuffs as a way to entertain people and to make yourself the center of the room. Who knows maybe you have the talent to become as famous as Houdini.

One of the best tricks, and basic tricks of escapology is the handcuff trick. It is one of the quickest to learn and one of the most impressive to do around a group. All you have to do is hand someone the keys, slip the cuffs on tight behind your back and watch the interest turn to you. Just follow the practiced steps, quickly picking the lock, and watch the faces of those around you light up as you show them the empty cuffs. The best part is when everyone asks how you do it, and coyly you can just say those famous words, “A magician never reveals his secret.”

So what do you do to get started in escapology? It is simple and cheap to learn and it is an escapology trick you will be able to do the rest of your life. These are great cuffs and the book you need to learn how to break them like The Great Houdini:

Plus the skills you learn in escapology to pick locks and get out of the hand cuffs is practical, especially if you want to escape the back of a cop car.